Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Is Almost Here

It had been weeks since I last updated this blog. What I have been doing??? I had been busy spring cleaning around the house, taking care of my little boy, checking out my fav blogs, checking out books at library for new projects, joined Las Vegas Etsy team and also checking out local thrift stores. ;)

Speaking of thrift stores...I had the best deal ever a few weeks ago when I found a bolt of tulle fabric hidden at the very corner of the store. I think it's about 40 yards and guess how much it cost?!? Only $2.99! Can you believe that?!? And there's nothing wrong with it...and it still got a plastic wrap around it to keep off the dust. But I asked the cashier before I paid for it just to make sure that the price is correct and she said it is! I almost jump with joy but I have to stay calm and not act like a crazy fool just in case they change the price. LOL! So this weekend I'll be checking out the thrift stores again. Why weekend? So my hubby can babysit my little boy. LOL! =)

Here is the photo of the bolt of tulle with the price tag on it. ^_^


And I was invited to join this cool Etsy Las Vegas team. Please check out the Etsy stores at Etsy Does Vegas or click here for all the shop listings.


I was so inspired from tutorials of the following blogs:

So if you have time check out their blogs and be inspired too. These ladies definitely got talent and I'm just happy they are sharing their ideas....

Anyway, here are the photos of the projects that I finished recently...the white tank top is for sale at PBF Collection at Etsy.


May is almost over and almost time to announce the winner of the April/May giveaway if you have not left a comment yet please leave it here. Next week I will be busy making the June/July giveaway...which would be perfect for summer. So stay tuned...


And speaking of summer and giveaway...the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" will open next month, June 30. If you are a Twilight fan please head over here. For a chance to win the Rosalie Hale Beret or check out the other Twilight related giveaways. It is pretty cool...

Okay, that's it for now...I'll definitely be back before this month will end to announce the April/May giveaway and post the giveaway for June/July. Have a nice weekend everyone.