Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Sewing Journal - The Red and White Summer Dress

LOL! I'm wondering if someone is still reading this blog. But oh well...this blog is kind of a journal for me. I love posting about the projects I've finished. Crafting and writing about my projects is a stress reliever for me. So if someone is reading this...I hope you love reading this and hopefully you can leave a nice comment below. =))

Okay, I started this project way back in May (2013) when I found this photo from Pinterest, from this blog and from Mod Cloth.

So I decided to buy the McCall pattern and tried to work on it when I have time. 

And finally, after almost 3 months. I was able to finished sewing it today. It got a little imperfections, it was kind of off when I finished cutting the fabric and when I was putting it together. But I was able to tweak it a bit and viola...

Sewing is like a journey for me. It got a lot of twist and turns but it's always fulfilling when I reach the end of the journey. Until next time... ♥♥♥