Friday, March 19, 2010

Alice's Gloves Update, AI Accessories, April & May Giveaway's Friday again. Time for blog updates...

Let me start with the Alice In Wonderland Gloves update. For those of you who left me a comment and emailed me regarding the gloves...thank you so much.

Okay...the material for the gloves arrived and I started sewing it right away. I did not even think that.... for the gloves to work out the material should be stretchy. Well...the result...BIG TOTAL DISASTER. LOL!

So back to the drawing board.... I went to all the fabric store and found a sheer stretchy fabric that is stripes pale blue but it's just not the right color. Whew! But I'm not going to stop...I'll continue searching until I have the right material and that is my mission. LOL! =) So please stay tune...


Last Friday I was lamenting that Lilly Scott got voted off from American Idol. I just like her voice and I love her bohemian/hippie style. I just particularly love the crochet earrings she was wearing before she got voted off. Here's the pic of that earrings...

I search for the crochet pattern of the earrings and I just can't find one that looks similar. So...I decided to create my own pattern. And after a lot of's the pic of the earrings that I'm now selling at my Etsy Shop.

Next project will be this headband from Siobhan Magnus that she was wearing during American Idol result show last March 17. I can't find a still photo so I search for the video and created this video caps. So again...stay tune...


And for the giveaway for April and May (I decided to just extend the giveaway until May for March is almost over)...As promise I'm giving-away two items.

The First item is...

Last week I posted here about the tunisian dish cloth I was making...finally I was able to make it look better. So here it is...

I call this "Sunflower Tunisian Dishcloth" for the color reminds me of summer and sunflowers. This is also for sale at my PBF Collection Etsy Shop. These are set of 3 and made of 100% cotton. Machine washable and dryable.

And the second giveaway is...

Of course...the Lilly Scott Earrings.

This time I'll be only choosing 1 winner and the winner will be declared on May 31. The winner can pick the color she wants for both dishcloth and earrings. So please start leaving your comments now.

For the winners of last month giveaways...I'm still working on your scarves right now. Sorry about the delay...I just have to order from my supplier the right yarn for the scarves.


That's it for now everyone...I'll be back next Friday. Have a great weekend.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland, Tunisian Dish Cloth and American Idol

My family and I watched Alice in Wonderland last Saturday. The movie was great and as always Johnny Depp is just the best. But I also love Alice's sheer gloves that I just have to knit it. And so I are the pics...

But check the photo below with Alice holding the rabbit. The material is a sheer pale blue and dark blue.
So I've search all over for a material similar to this and thank God...I found one in Ebay. And she only have few yards left so I purchased all of it. =) The moment the material comes in I'll be making the gloves in kids size and adult size...perfect for an Easter outfit. ^_^ And of course I'll be selling it at my Etsy Shop.


I still have 2 shawl/scarf giveaways (from January/February winners) that I need to finish. And 2 orders I need to make. So it was a very busy week and still is....

I was also trying to figure out what I'll be making for the March/April giveaway. Then my Tunisian/Afghan crochet hooks arrived yesterday.

It's super long than the regular hook...I took a photo just showing the difference in length.

I started searching for a cute pattern using my Tunisian hook and came up with this cute dish cloth. See photo below...

And so I started to make my own using my red, white and blue worsted weight cotton yarn. I'm making it while I'm watching American Idol last night. I was hoping that it will be a perfect giveaway for this month...but it look so I guess I have to start all over again. Anyway, here is a photo of the dishcloth I made last night.

All I can say...Ugh! Super Ugly!!!

So I'm back to square one. I'll make another one of this dishcloth. And if it will come out good then... that will be one of my giveaway for March/April plus of course another one which will be a surprise.

Hint: It will be great for spring/summer. ;)

I'll definitely be posting the giveaway next Friday so stay tune.


I have been a big fan of American Idol since season 2 and for some reason this season...I just can't completely get behind with any one. I started pulling for Lilly Scott but she went home last night. Check out this report.

Lilly Scott

But I guess with American Idol and watching it for 9 years now...I'm not surprise with the result. It is after all a popularity contest. But I have two more "bets" that I hope will do good or win this year. Crystal Bowersox and the quirky girl Siobhan Magnus...

Crystal Bowersox

Siobhan Magnus in American Idol 2010, Season 9
Sioban Magnus

But overall...this season is just not as good as the previous season. But nevertheless...I'll watch the show for this is Simon Cowell's last season. LOL!


Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. And for my US subscribes don't forget to spring forward your clock on Sunday (March 14)...for Daylight Savings Time begins...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Giveaway Winners and Items I Made

Hi everyone. I'm slowly recovering from my cold. So it's back to normal again.

First, I want to declare the two winners for this months giveaway. It's....

Lia Reconsal
Brittney Checketts

Please email me your address at

Thank you again for participating everyone. I'll be posting the next giveaway next Friday so please stay tune.


The week before I was able to finished crocheting my little boy's sweater. The sweater is so thick so it's perfect for him next winter. I also made sure it's bigger so he can still fit on it.

Here's a pic of him wearing the sweater...


This week I manage to finish making a spring/summer shawl for my Etsy Shop. I still have a lot of stuff to make so I can get ready for my spring/summer collection. But I'm gradually doing it in between my orders. =)

Anyway, here are some pics of the Sunflower Shawl...

The sunflower brooch is handmade by me and detachable. If you wish to buy this item please visit my Etsy shop


That's it for now...I'll be back next Friday and I'll be posting pics of the next giveaway. Have a great weekend.