Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Updates Before The Year Ends

Christmas is just few days away and also New Year. I'm still busy with my orders...which is a blessing so no complaints. I have to work even if I'm sick just to meet all the orders. LOL! But like I said...it's a blessing so I should not complain...

I'm now selling Fingerless Gloves for Kids. Take a look at this picture which was send to me by my friend Christine, this cute little girl is her 8 year old niece...wearing the dark purple fingerless gloves that I made for her. ;)

She look so adorable and hip! If you want to purchase this item please visit my Etsy store PBF COLLECTION for more details.

Few days more I'll be declaring the winner for this months giveaway so if you have not left a comment yet. Leave it HERE.

Don't forget to come back for next month's (or next year?) giveaway. Twilight fans...you would love it so....stay tune.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pics of the Holiday Shopping Art and Craft Show

It was really chilly last Dec. 11...I think it was about 33 degrees and for Las Vegas that's really cold. Most of us vendors/exhibitors were selling at the back lot or back parking lot of Studio 8 Ten. Attached are the pics that I took from the show:

Here is my mannequin we named Beyounce. I only took half of her body at the show for she's really tall. My hubby and I named the mannequin Beyounce because she's as voluptuous...like Beyounce. LOL!

And here is my booth. I had a very simple set up. I just have one big table and 2 small tables. One for my mannequin Beyounce and another one for knitted items that I sell. And of course 2 chairs for me and my hubby.

And here I am!! Modelling my red fingerless gloves. LOL! It was chilly so I have to wear the gloves. Anyway, the gloves was a hot seller that night. And of course I also sold the vest/scarf that I designed.

Here is a pic of my hubby. He's also wearing one of my fingerless gloves. He was really great for sticking it through even if it was really a chilly night. It would have been hard for me if he was not there helping me through.

And here is a pic of one of my customer who bought the "Wood Land Clutch". She's the only one who agreed to have her picture taken. The rest of my customers were camera shy. ;)

And here is a picture of me with my friend Mel. She also have a booth with her mom at the show. They're selling this adorable pillows. Check out their website HERE.

I have more pictures to add but my computer is acting crazy right now. So I'll be adding more next time.

If you still want to participate in the monthly giveaway please leave your comments HERE . I'll be choosing the winner in few weeks.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Last Craft Show For Year 2009

The Online Boutique is over but I got one more Art and Craft Show to do. The Annual Open House and Holiday Shopping Event at Studion 8 Ten this coming Friday Dec. 11 from 5 pm to 9 pm, located
in 810 South Las Vegas. If you happen to be in Vegas this week I hope to see you there. There would be a lot of Arts and Crafts for sale. And of course free food and beverage for everyone. For more details regarding the show please visit this website.

And if you have not left a comment yet for this months giveaway. Please do so...for a chance to win the Alice Cullen Fingerless Gloves. Leave your comment here. For those who already left a comment thank you and I can't wait to announce the winner on New Years day.

And if you wish to order this Alice Cullen Gloves Style 1 you can buy it here using your Paypal account. It cost $30.00 shipping included please email me at anacskie@gmail.com if you have questions. This is made of 100% wool yarn and I used 2 yarns to make this gloves really thick. Please allow 3-5 days for me to finish knitting this item. I will send you an email the moment we ship this item. We ship this through USPS First Class Mail which will take 3-5 days for delivery. I'm not selling this in my Etsy store for I have limited yarns available. And the one I'm selling at Etsy is Alice Cullen Gloves Style 2 which right now, due to high in demand, won't be ship until Dec. 26, 28, and 30.

If you wish to buy this Alice Cullen Gloves Style 1. Just click the buy now button below.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Day of UCreate Holiday Online Boutique

Today is the last day of UCreate Holiday Boutique. And your last chance to shop and avail the discounts provided by each online stores. If you have not shop yet...come and visit HERE.

One of my favorite is the Joel Dewberry Fat Quarters Set. I bought 2 sets for I can't resist the deal. LOL! Check it out HERE.

And of course if you want to buy my Fingerless Gloves and all the purses I sell here is the DISCOUNT CODE.

Enjoy Shopping!!!

Don't forget to leave comment for the free Alice Cullen Gloves.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Filipino Holiday Desert

I'm planning what to cook for Christmas and I decided to cook one of my fattening favorite Filipino desert recipe...Leche Flan

And if you're interested to cook it...it's really easy. Here is the recipe...got this from a Filipino website. ^_^

Filipino Style Leche Flan
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Estimated Cooking time: 1 hour
Leche Flan Ingredients:
1 can (390g) Evaporated Milk
1 can (390g) Condensed Milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or lemon essence
Caramel Ingredients:
1 cup sugar
3/4 water
10 egg yolks
1. In a saucepan, mix the sugar and water. Bring to boil until the sugar dissolve/caramelize.
2. Pour the caramel into the baking pan or aluminun moulds(you can use any size or shape).
3. Spread the caramel in the bottom of the pan.
4. Mix the evaporated milk, condensed milk, egg yolks and vanilla.
5. Then pour the mixture on top of the caramel in the pan/aluminum moulds. Make sure it's 1 to 1 1/4 thick.
6. Cover the pan/aluminum moulds with aluminum foil.
7. You can steam this for 20 minutes
* Pre heat oven to 370 degrees
* Place the pan/aluminum moulds on a larger pan half filled with very hot water.
* Bake for about 45 minutes
8. Let cool and refrigerate.
To Serve:
Cut around the edges of the pan to loosen the Leche Flan. Place a platter on top of the pan and turn upsite down.
And there you have it! Tasty Filipino desert...yummy... ^_^
If you have questions just email me at anacskie@gmail.com.