Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pics of the Holiday Shopping Art and Craft Show

It was really chilly last Dec. 11...I think it was about 33 degrees and for Las Vegas that's really cold. Most of us vendors/exhibitors were selling at the back lot or back parking lot of Studio 8 Ten. Attached are the pics that I took from the show:

Here is my mannequin we named Beyounce. I only took half of her body at the show for she's really tall. My hubby and I named the mannequin Beyounce because she's as voluptuous...like Beyounce. LOL!

And here is my booth. I had a very simple set up. I just have one big table and 2 small tables. One for my mannequin Beyounce and another one for knitted items that I sell. And of course 2 chairs for me and my hubby.

And here I am!! Modelling my red fingerless gloves. LOL! It was chilly so I have to wear the gloves. Anyway, the gloves was a hot seller that night. And of course I also sold the vest/scarf that I designed.

Here is a pic of my hubby. He's also wearing one of my fingerless gloves. He was really great for sticking it through even if it was really a chilly night. It would have been hard for me if he was not there helping me through.

And here is a pic of one of my customer who bought the "Wood Land Clutch". She's the only one who agreed to have her picture taken. The rest of my customers were camera shy. ;)

And here is a picture of me with my friend Mel. She also have a booth with her mom at the show. They're selling this adorable pillows. Check out their website HERE.

I have more pictures to add but my computer is acting crazy right now. So I'll be adding more next time.

If you still want to participate in the monthly giveaway please leave your comments HERE . I'll be choosing the winner in few weeks.

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