Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Updates Before The Year Ends

Christmas is just few days away and also New Year. I'm still busy with my orders...which is a blessing so no complaints. I have to work even if I'm sick just to meet all the orders. LOL! But like I said...it's a blessing so I should not complain...

I'm now selling Fingerless Gloves for Kids. Take a look at this picture which was send to me by my friend Christine, this cute little girl is her 8 year old niece...wearing the dark purple fingerless gloves that I made for her. ;)

She look so adorable and hip! If you want to purchase this item please visit my Etsy store PBF COLLECTION for more details.

Few days more I'll be declaring the winner for this months giveaway so if you have not left a comment yet. Leave it HERE.

Don't forget to come back for next month's (or next year?) giveaway. Twilight fans...you would love it so....stay tune.

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