Friday, April 23, 2010

Unfinished Projects

It had been two weeks since I last updated my blog. I have been busy with my Etsy orders and orders from my friends. In fact, I still have two orders that I'm trying to finish so I can sent it out this weekend.

Anyway, I have multiple projects right now that I have started and I'm trying to finish too. And here are the pix of those projects. =)

First the multipurpose scarf that I'm supposed to shipped out for the giveaway prize. And here is my progress so far...

~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥ one of the beanie orders from my friend. This one I have to finish today so I can deliver it over the weekend.


Next, the "Bib Necklace"...

I was searching through the web and I saw this cute necklace from Antropologie...

And here is another pic of another bib necklace

And so I started making my own version in blue...

Of course...I'm not finish with this either so...this is yet another unfinished project...I'm also trying to take photos of my progress with this project so I can post it here for my very first tutorial. Ummmm...stay tune then? (crossing my fingers) We shall see... ;)


Then, the most recent unfinished project is...

Here's a pic of the tee from Antropologie

It's another stuff I saw from Antropologie...LOL! I love Antropologie but since I'm now a work-at-home-mom. I just can't afford to shop there anymore. So I decided to just make my own and here's how my own version look far...

It is of course a work in progress...and I have change the color and style of the flowers and the tee. ;)


Okay, one more thing. I just love to listen to Colbie Caillat songs ...LOL! I know...I'm so girlie-girlie but most of my friends won't be surprise about that. Anyway...I was watching one of her latest videos in VH1. "I Never Told You" here to watched the video.

And here are the video caps

Notice the headband/beanie she's wearing? I just love it and I've search for the pattern and I just can't find one that is similar to what she's wearing. The pattern I have seen so a button on the bottom of the headband and if you watched the whole video you'll notice that hers does not have one. So...I'm right now in the process of making my own pattern for this headband/beanie. I have short hair but I know it's a perfect headband when you go to the gym...without the flower embellishment of course. =) The pattern I'm making have a detachable flower so you have an option to wear the flower or not. Anyway...this is another "work in progress" project....of course.


Before I forget...I also have the "Alice in Wonderland" fingerless gloves that I need to finish. Whew! I posted the pix of the gloves last time here and of course I have not finish it yet.

~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥ to go back to my orders and projects now. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Updates For Alice In Wonderland Gloves & More's Friday again. I was not able to update my blog last week for I was so busy with my Etsy orders.

Here's a quick peek of one of the orders I'm trying to finish...Alice In Wonderland gloves...
~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥'s my updates:

I have this thin stretchy fabric that I'm trying to finish for the Alice In Wonderland gloves. The material is definitely perfect for summer. I'm still trying to finish this in between my orders...I just have to sew the thumb hole edges and add some faux crystal buttons and I'll add this as one of the giveaways for this month. And here's what it looks like so far...

By the way...if you have not left a comment for this months giveaway. You can click the button located on the left... on the very top above the "about me" button. Or you can also leave your comments here.


And I mentioned about making the Siobhan Magnus the previous week which is similar to this...

And this is my version which is now for sale at PBF Collection at Etsy.

Right now, besides finishing my Etsy orders... I'm trying to work on a design (both crochet and sewn) for toddlers and wedding clutches. That I'll be selling at my Etsy Shop...but as always there are tons of things to do and so little time.

Anyway...have a great Easter everyone!!!