Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artist of the Month August - September


Our artist for the month of August and September is not just one artist it consist of a lot of talented Artist in one place... Studio 8 Ten.

I've first met Angela (Project Manager of Studio 8 Ten) through Etsy. She invited me to join the First Friday Artist Exhibit (Craft) Show in Studio 8 Ten. It was my first craft show and I had fun joining and meeting a lot of talented artist. I also had fun browsing through the store. And absolutely love the handmade items they are selling most especially the hand lotions. =)

If you ever visited Las Vegas...come visit them at 810 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101.


Studio 8 Ten Gets a New Look might all be wondering what is Studio 8 Ten. To get to know them a little bit better... I had a little interview with Angela and here it is.

PBF : Tell Us a bit about Studio 8 Ten?

Angela (Studio 8 Ten): Studio 8 Ten is the community-based art studio and gift shop that features handmade products created in the Transition Services, Inc. employment programs for adults with disabilities in Las Vegas. We are located at 810 South Las Vegas Blvd, just north of Charleston. We have been open in our downtown location for 2 1/2 years. The building used to be an old wedding chapel (how very Vegas!) that we gutted and started rennovating in April of 2007. We wanted to go with a hip, urban feel that would fit into the direction downtown Las Vegas is heading, and also disspell any stereotypical ideas people have about supported employment venues. We hear a lot from people when they first come in that it isn't at all what they were expecting and they are always very impressed. The location has also been great in connecting our artists with the local art scene in the Las Vegas Arts District. Each month we host a solo or group art show of local Las Vegas' artists work. They spend time with the studio artists, as well as host a reception. Community outreach is a very important aspect of Studio 8 Ten. The artists who work there get opportunities for much more then just making cool handmade products, they also get to participate in social events, interact with customers, run a cash registers, give tours, and talk about how products are made. It is a totally unique place not only in Vegas, but in general...I have never heard of anything like it across the country.

PBF: How and when did the company start?

Angela (Studio 8 Ten): Transition Services started in 1998 with a few individuals who were in need of services and not happy in other programs. It is important for people to understand how far employment/care services for people with disabilities has come, and how far it still has to go. Imagine coming out of highschool and having all of 2-3 job opportunities placed in front of you and be told to "pick one". That is quite a reality for people with disabilities even today. Labeling, packaging, and other "factory" style work is exactly the type of limited options given to people all the time. Transition Services started to provide more choices and stop the practice of creating "work for the masses". Each person who comes to our program is an individual. One of the first things anyone with interest in working at one of our locations is asked is what they want to do, what their interests are, and what they want to learn. We then assess their current skills and help them build on those skills. People have found so much joy in learning how to make products by hand, and that instant gratification to see what they've done is rewarding in so many ways. Because we are the most progressive provider in the city, other programs that have historically limited their options are now seeing the value on really catering to individuals and helping them find work they want to do that will keep them motivated, and creating more positive life experiences. Everyday we come up with new ideas for new businesses that can incorporate the interests of the individuals we serve. We currently have 4 businesses, and are in the process of starting 2 more.

PBF: Who are the creative artist behind Studio 8 ten?

Angela (Studio 8 Ten): We serve 300 people in 5 locations is Las Vegas and Henderson, and the creatioons of individuals at all our locations can be seen at Studio 8 Ten. We work with people of all levels of disability from mild to profound. The artists in our programs come from all walks of life in seek of a meaningful job. Most of them start without any knowledge of art or crafting, but end up loving the process and the products. We had one woman recently start at one of our worksites and told the staff she never knew she could draw. She wasn't talking about having the ability to "draw well", she just didn't realize it was even an one had ever encouraged her to pick up a pencil and paper for that purpose! It turned out she is excellent at drawing, able to recreate everything from real people to cartoon characters to a tee. It's amazing what happens when you give people choices and options.

PBF: Besides Studio 8 Ten at Etsy does Studio 8 Ten have another website?

Angela (Studio 8 Ten): We actually have 2 additional informational websites, our company website has information about all of our programs and businesses, events, ways to support our non-profit through donations and volunteering, and ways to contact us if there is someone you know who might benefit from our employment programs. We also have which showcases all the fun stuff being made at Studio 8 Ten as well as the art events, product photos, gallery of pics of the artists and shop space.

PBF: What are the upcoming events at Studio 8 Ten?

Angela (Studio 8 Ten): Our August art exhibit is going to showcase the art from the Saturday classes and workshops that are taught by local artist Elizabeth Young. She teaches children and adult classes in all different art mediums every month on the 1st and 2nd Saturday. It is going to be a large group show and a lot of fun! In addition to her classes, we will be starting a Kid's Art Club for all ages in January. We will also be participating in the First Friday festivities September-December with a group of local artists and crafters setting up in our parking lot and on our patio every First Friday from 6-9PM. We participate in a variety of craft fairs and Farmer's Markets throughout the year, and the holidays are especially busy. It's easiest to keep up by checking our website and signing up for our email announcements (don't worry, we won't bombard you!). We also open our venue for groups to meet, throw parties, and we host awesome kid's birthday parties and the pricing is really reasonable. It's a fantastic alternative to Chuck 'e Cheese!

Pretty interesting place to visit and shop, right?

ShabbyBlogsDividerD-1.jpg picture by anacskie

And I had the privilege to review their latest product the Natural Luffa Massage Soap.

Natural Luffa Massage Soap

Natural Luffa Massage Soap

Since, I have been working a lot lately...this soap is perfect. I always look forward to go back home everyday take a shower and... used this "Luffa Massage Soap". It helps me relax after such a long stressful day from work. This soap is also highly recommended to all the moms out there that had a very busy day. It is a perfect way to soothe your muscles and relax while taking a shower or a bubble bath.

ShabbyBlogsDividerD-1.jpg picture by anacskie

And Angela wants you all to try the items they are selling so she's giving away this gift basket. These are the sampling of all the "yummy" items that they are selling.

The gift basket includes:

3- Lotions (8 oz.) variety of fragrance

3- Shower Gels (4 oz.) variety of fragrance

2- Body Sprays (4 oz.) variety of fragrance

1- Bubble Bath (4 oz.)

Here are the entry rules for the Studio 8 Ten giveaway:

1. (This is the mandatory entry) You'll receive 1 entry for visiting Studio 8 Ten at Etsy and telling me what your favorite item is! Make sure you leave your EMAIL address in this entry.
2. You'll receive 2 entries for adding Studio 8 Ten at Etsy in your favorites.
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5. You'll receive 2 entries for adding/liking us in our PBF Collection Fan Page.

Please remember that the more entries you have the better chances you'll have in winning this giveaway.

All entries must be received before 11:59 on Friday, September 10, 2010. A winner will be drawn using a random number generator and I will send her an e-mail. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be choosen.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winner Of July Giveaway

Hi everyone. I just want to post the winner of the July giveaway...and it is...

Kelly Marshall

Please email me your address so I can send it to Simone. For those who left a comment...thanks again for participating.

Next giveaway will be a gift basket of lotion, spa items, and lot more... from Studio 8 Ten. I will be posting the interview and giveaway in few days so please drop by and join the giveaway. Have a nice weekend everyone.