Friday, January 29, 2010

Crochet, Wedding Anniversary & A Great Review

Time flies so fast and it's Friday again and time to write another blog. ;)

It had been a busy week. I was able to go to my very first crochet class last Sunday and absolutely love it that I end signing for 5 more classes.

My mom taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl but I was not interested then. LOL! I was a normal little girl who just want to play with my friends and my dolls. She tried to teach me again last Christmas...when she was visiting for the holiday... and this time I did learn a bit. But I want to learn more and so I decided to sign up for crochet classes. Now I signed for 5 more classes and my next class will be on Feb. 13. I'm so excited! ☺☺☺

Anyway, here is my very first project...mary jane slippers.

My friends love it. But I still think I need to make it better. So stay tune for more updates. I already made at least 3 prototypes for this project. LOL!


Last husband and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary. Wow! I just can't believe it had been 9 years. Time flies so fast when you're having fun.

The wedding was so memorable and like most brides I love my wedding gown. The gown was custom made and design by a very good designer and a great friend Benjie S. Manuel. I love the 60's look so I had him design and made a little hat for me and I absolutely love it.'s a pic of our wedding at New Heart in California last January 27, 2001.


And yesterday...Ashley from Closet Of Free Samples gave us a great review. I'm so happy for she absolutely love the Pyramid Purse - Moonlight Owl Collection. Thank you so much for the review Ashley.


Just a giveaway(s) is still going on if your want to win it. Please leave a comment here and here. And for those who already left a comment. Thank you so much. Til next week...have a nice weekend everyone.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Preview Of Valentines Orders...

Finishing my knitted Valentines orders today...and I still need to make Valentines Owl Purses too.

Here's a little preview of my recent projects and orders. Below I have attached a photo of what I'm working on today...

This is a custom made order from my Etsy store and it's a long gloves...about 14 inches in length. It will reach up to the crease of your elbow. If you wish to order this for Valentines just email me here.

Anyway, I'm still giving two giveaways for January and February. If you have not leave a comment please leave it FIRST HERE and SECOND HERE. This time I will be choosing two winners so there's a better chance for everyone to win. I will be declaring the winner on February 29 s0 please make sure that you email your address to me. I hope to read all your comments soon. ^_^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthdays...and more Giveaways.

Another year...another white hair...LOL! I can't believe that I'm getting older and I really don't feel it. I still feel like I'm still 16 and not nearing 40. I'm not 40 yet but almost there. ;)

Anyway, since this is my birthday month and it seems that I have few responses with my previous give-away. I will add this beautiful knitted shawl/scarf that I found from Knitty. I will of course be knitting this for the lucky winner.

Here's some few photos from

It's a cute spring/summer accessory that you can use as a scarf or a shawl. But I'll probably be using synthetic yarn instead of mohair yarn so it will be less itchy. And since it's Valentines I'll be using red yarn. But if you don't like it in red...I'm giving the winner a chance to choose any color that she wants.

If you want to win this giveaway...please leave your comment here. I will be choosing 2 winners this time. One for this Shawl/Scarf and another one for this Shirt. And I will be declaring the winner for both giveaways on Sunday... February 28. 2010, so please be sure to email me your address. I'm looking forward to read all your comments. Thank you very much.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Preview For January and February Giveaway

I'm still busy finishing few orders but I'm drafting the giveaway for January and February. I have attached pix of what it should look like...just a little preview.

First, off shoulder is really in fashion right it would be similar to Victoria Beckham's off shoulder shirt. But most likely the shirt I'll be making is black and NOT grey.

Second, as promise...I'll be adding Eclipse-Twilight Saga print on it. Similar to this...

Third, just so it would look different. I'll be adding crochet edgings on it. Similar to this one... but not exactly the same just similar. I might be using red yarn so it will have the Twilight colors on it.

Love it? You can start leaving comments here...I'll be editing and adding the finish item photo here in this POST. And please don't forget to follow me and email me your contact info so it will be easier for me to contact you when I choose the winner. Good luck everyone.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eclipse Countdown & What Is In Store For 2010

Okay, what is in store for PBF Collection this 2010? I have a lot of designs that I'll be creating this year. I'm just trying to finish all my pending orders so I can start all my projects. So what is it?

First off, I'm counting down "Eclipse" which will be shown on June 2010. LOL! Such a dork, huh? ^_^

Second, I'll be creating a lot of Twilight items for my Etsy store and that includes knitting items, crochet items, bags, wallets, mp3/cell pouches and more. In other words, I'll be expanding from just Alice Cullen gloves to a lot more Twilight items. So keep on visiting my Etsy store

Third, I'm also creating my new line of Pyramid Owl Purse and MP3/Cell Phone Pouch. Attached is the pix of Pyramid Purse "Moonlight Owl" that I recently sold at my Etsy store. But I'm still accepting made to order just visit my Etsy store PBF Collection. And I'll be creating more designs which includes Valentines Owl.

Fourth, I'm still trying to finish the give-away for January and February. And I'll probably post it here next week so... STAY TUNE FOR NEXT WEEK UPDATES!

Attached is the count down chart for "Eclipse".

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and The Winner Is....

Happy New Year everyone it's a start of another decade and looking forward for another great ten years. Wishing you all a great one too.

And now...I'm declaring the winner of this months giveaway...

It's Livegreenmama!!! Who-hoo! The gloves is for your 11 year old daughter that started a Twilight Club and of course the ruffle clutch is for you. Please email your address to me at within 7-10 days, if I have not heard from you after 10 days I will declare another winner. Thanks.

Thanks again everyone. Stay tune for this months giveaway. It will be more Twilight items... ;)