Friday, January 15, 2010

Preview For January and February Giveaway

I'm still busy finishing few orders but I'm drafting the giveaway for January and February. I have attached pix of what it should look like...just a little preview.

First, off shoulder is really in fashion right it would be similar to Victoria Beckham's off shoulder shirt. But most likely the shirt I'll be making is black and NOT grey.

Second, as promise...I'll be adding Eclipse-Twilight Saga print on it. Similar to this...

Third, just so it would look different. I'll be adding crochet edgings on it. Similar to this one... but not exactly the same just similar. I might be using red yarn so it will have the Twilight colors on it.

Love it? You can start leaving comments here...I'll be editing and adding the finish item photo here in this POST. And please don't forget to follow me and email me your contact info so it will be easier for me to contact you when I choose the winner. Good luck everyone.


  1. love everything you do ;)...btw follow me please...i have two active blogs...

    need some feedbacks with my food blog especially...thanks

  2. Hi Lia! I was about to give up. Thinking no one likes this giveaway. Thank you so much. I just followed you at your food blog. But I don't know how and/or I can't find the follow button on your personal blog. Please help...

  3. How talented you are! Can't wait to see what this will look like!