Friday, January 8, 2010

Eclipse Countdown & What Is In Store For 2010

Okay, what is in store for PBF Collection this 2010? I have a lot of designs that I'll be creating this year. I'm just trying to finish all my pending orders so I can start all my projects. So what is it?

First off, I'm counting down "Eclipse" which will be shown on June 2010. LOL! Such a dork, huh? ^_^

Second, I'll be creating a lot of Twilight items for my Etsy store and that includes knitting items, crochet items, bags, wallets, mp3/cell pouches and more. In other words, I'll be expanding from just Alice Cullen gloves to a lot more Twilight items. So keep on visiting my Etsy store

Third, I'm also creating my new line of Pyramid Owl Purse and MP3/Cell Phone Pouch. Attached is the pix of Pyramid Purse "Moonlight Owl" that I recently sold at my Etsy store. But I'm still accepting made to order just visit my Etsy store PBF Collection. And I'll be creating more designs which includes Valentines Owl.

Fourth, I'm still trying to finish the give-away for January and February. And I'll probably post it here next week so... STAY TUNE FOR NEXT WEEK UPDATES!

Attached is the count down chart for "Eclipse".

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