Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ribbon Flower by Joanne From Craft Passion

Yay! This is my very first guest post...who-hoo!

My first guest is Joanne from Craft Passion. I absolutely love her blog she makes all these beautiful and adorable stuff and have great ideas/tut for sewing, crochet, knitting and everything else...truly inspiring. So I was so thrilled when she agreed to be my very first guest. And here is her tutorial...


How To Sew Ribbon Flower

Hello, readers of PBF Collection,this is Joanne of Craft Passion. I am so happy (almost fell off the chair, LOL) when Ana wrote to me and invite me to guest post a tutorial on her blog.


A little about Craft Passion:

I started Craft Passion in end of 2008. At the early stage, Craft Passion is just a personal journal about the handmade I did and found. Surprisingly, with the “vast” (as a newbie that time, thousands of pageviews per month is considered a lot J) responses and feedbacks came back asking me how to do them, since then Craft Passion grew into an e-classroom for distance handicraft learning website, mainly on sewing, crochet and knitting. You would find lots of tutorials and patterns in Craft Passion and they are free. From then on, Craft Passion is growing rapidly with more than hundred of thousands pageviews per month!!!

A little about me:

I love handmade and most of them are either self-taught or pass down from my skillfully mom.

At the age of less than 10, I completed my first handmade, that was a simple crochet thumbler holder where I learned from a book.

Later, when I grew up a little and allow to hold pins and needles, my mom taught me sewing by using her vintage foot paddle sewing machine, I made a few dresses and jammies for myself, and was so proud of myself when I'm wearing them… lol!!!

Since I was small, I admired seeing those actresses knitting in the TV soup operas and I told myself that I am going to pick-up this skill one day. Those days, kntting is a rare handicraft in my country and I can hardly see any people knit in the public. So, my uncle bought me a basic knitting book and a pair of knitting needles from overseas. After many months of trial and error, I finally got a scarf done without any real people help (youtube and google didn’t exist that time) though the tension is just a so-so.

Since then I can’t stop creating … that was more than 30 years ago!!!


Recently, I made a crochet bead necklace but found that it it too dull with only the beads alone. I decided to make a simple flower that anybody can sew to match with it.

Try to get printed satin ribbon for this flower brooch. The printing make the ribbon flower unique, while the satin gave a glossy shine on it.


  1. 1” wide ribbon, 12”
  2. Button, about ½” Æ
  3. Brooch pin
  4. Needle and matching color thread
  5. Scissor
  6. Tealight candle or fray check or Use a tealight flame to slightly melt the raw edges of both ends of the ribbon so that it won’t fray.


    Drip a few drops of fray check on the raw edge, leave it to dry.

With needle and thread (double strand), sew a row of running stitches near to the long edge of the ribbon.

Pull and tug the thread to gather the ribbon. Pull until the ribbon is fully gather and form a circle.

Overlap both ends a little and sew a few stitches to secure the position. Knot the thread but don’t cut.

Turn to the back, sew the brooch pin on.

Turn to the front, sew the button on the center of the flower.



If you are interested in how to crochet the bead necklace I am wearing, click here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Winner Of October Giveaway

Wow! Since I only have one entry for the October Giveaway. Obviously, the winner for the "Ice Cream Earrings" from Cupcake Princess Jewelry is...


Congratulations Sade!

Okay, this might be my last giveaway for this year since I'm busy with my Etsy Shop and my part time job. But PBF Collection will have a guest post/tutorial from CraftPassion Joanne this month so stay tuned...