Friday, January 22, 2010

Preview Of Valentines Orders...

Finishing my knitted Valentines orders today...and I still need to make Valentines Owl Purses too.

Here's a little preview of my recent projects and orders. Below I have attached a photo of what I'm working on today...

This is a custom made order from my Etsy store and it's a long gloves...about 14 inches in length. It will reach up to the crease of your elbow. If you wish to order this for Valentines just email me here.

Anyway, I'm still giving two giveaways for January and February. If you have not leave a comment please leave it FIRST HERE and SECOND HERE. This time I will be choosing two winners so there's a better chance for everyone to win. I will be declaring the winner on February 29 s0 please make sure that you email your address to me. I hope to read all your comments soon. ^_^

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