Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland, Tunisian Dish Cloth and American Idol

My family and I watched Alice in Wonderland last Saturday. The movie was great and as always Johnny Depp is just the best. But I also love Alice's sheer gloves that I just have to knit it. And so I are the pics...

But check the photo below with Alice holding the rabbit. The material is a sheer pale blue and dark blue.
So I've search all over for a material similar to this and thank God...I found one in Ebay. And she only have few yards left so I purchased all of it. =) The moment the material comes in I'll be making the gloves in kids size and adult size...perfect for an Easter outfit. ^_^ And of course I'll be selling it at my Etsy Shop.


I still have 2 shawl/scarf giveaways (from January/February winners) that I need to finish. And 2 orders I need to make. So it was a very busy week and still is....

I was also trying to figure out what I'll be making for the March/April giveaway. Then my Tunisian/Afghan crochet hooks arrived yesterday.

It's super long than the regular hook...I took a photo just showing the difference in length.

I started searching for a cute pattern using my Tunisian hook and came up with this cute dish cloth. See photo below...

And so I started to make my own using my red, white and blue worsted weight cotton yarn. I'm making it while I'm watching American Idol last night. I was hoping that it will be a perfect giveaway for this month...but it look so I guess I have to start all over again. Anyway, here is a photo of the dishcloth I made last night.

All I can say...Ugh! Super Ugly!!!

So I'm back to square one. I'll make another one of this dishcloth. And if it will come out good then... that will be one of my giveaway for March/April plus of course another one which will be a surprise.

Hint: It will be great for spring/summer. ;)

I'll definitely be posting the giveaway next Friday so stay tune.


I have been a big fan of American Idol since season 2 and for some reason this season...I just can't completely get behind with any one. I started pulling for Lilly Scott but she went home last night. Check out this report.

Lilly Scott

But I guess with American Idol and watching it for 9 years now...I'm not surprise with the result. It is after all a popularity contest. But I have two more "bets" that I hope will do good or win this year. Crystal Bowersox and the quirky girl Siobhan Magnus...

Crystal Bowersox

Siobhan Magnus in American Idol 2010, Season 9
Sioban Magnus

But overall...this season is just not as good as the previous season. But nevertheless...I'll watch the show for this is Simon Cowell's last season. LOL!


Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. And for my US subscribes don't forget to spring forward your clock on Sunday (March 14)...for Daylight Savings Time begins...


  1. great Alice find. looking forward to see your creation of the fingerless gloves.

  2. Be forewarned that I will be watching your etsy shop like a hawk for those gloves. ^^