Monday, October 26, 2009

New Moon- Alice Cullen Fingerless Gloves

It's almost midnight but I can't sleep and I just finished knitting another fingerless gloves. Everyone in the house is already fast asleep...I'm the only one awake and I love the fact that it is peaceful and quite. So this is actually the best time to update my blog. ^_^

I'm one of those crazy people who read all the Twilight Series of Stephanie Meyer. Well...not actually read...since I was so busy working last year so I decided to download all the Twilight series audio books in my Ipod and listen to it during break and lunch break.

The vampire and werewolf love triangle is just so intriguing for me. And even if I know that most of the readers are just does not bother me. Anyway...I love the weirdness, clumsiness and aloofness of the lead character Bella and of course the vampire Edward. But I think the character that really intrigues me is Alice Cullen (the nice sister of Edward who can see the future)...I guess because she loves fashion as much as I do. LOL!

So I found this pic while searching through some blog and found this wonderful wrist warmer worn by Alice Cullen in New Moon. And guess what??? Next project will be this wrist warmer/fingerless gloves. I will make my own pattern since the fingerless gloves kinda looks similar to what I'm already making. I have to make this before the movie opens on 11/20 and yes...I'll be selling this at my Etsy store.

And of course...I will still be making those ruffled items...lots of project so little time. LOL!

Anyway, below are the pics... Alice Cullen in the movie New Moon and the pic of the fingerless gloves similar to what Alice is wearing.


  1. OMG how cool!! I'm in!!! LOL :-) btw, it was great meeting you on Saturday! :-)

  2. Hi there! It was nice meeting you last Saturday too. ^_^ Yep, I'm selling this fingerless gloves as soon as I received the yarn and knit it. BTW, I'm now following you in your blog too. Love your items...I wish I have a little girl so I can buy your items.

  3. Can't read the writing - red and that particular shade of purple against a dark grey background, the text is too dark!
    I do like the wrist warmers though and am going to knit them for my son's girl friend who is a Twilight fanatic (as she is, like,you know,17, so she is totally, like, loving it!)

    Love from Cal in Newcastle, England xxxxx

  4. I ordered some and I'm learnin how to make it :) the only problem is finding a replica yarn. But I'll find it... hopefully :) I am mainly making it for my parody. You see, were doing the Twilight Series as our upcoming project. And I play Alice! yay! You should check my alice album on facebook :) Just search Dakotah Fullerton and I should be the top person with short hair ;D haha Thanks! BTW :
    This google Account is my brothers all I have is a yahoo :P