Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paintings In Fabric

I will be selling exclusive PBF Collection designer fabrics at my Etsy store. The fabrics will be one of a kind for... it's my very own designs. ^_^ Design by me using Photoshop! In fact, some of my designs I already ordered the swatches and I will post the swatches the moment I received it. Here are the sample pics...there's more but I'm only posting my favorites...

And I'm proud to announce that some of the fabrics that I will be selling will be the paintings of my very artistic friend Joan. Below are the samples of her paintings that will be printed in 100% cotton and will be for sale at my Etsy store. Interested? If you want to pre-order this fabrics email me here. Thanks. ^_^

Beautiful paintings and I can't wait see them in fabrics!!!


  1. Hi Ana, Bright designs are wonderful but for every day use it would be nice to have a bag that fits in with more formal outfits.......A fabric with small designs would be great, in (cream/beige/brown) - (pale blue/navy) - (white/grey/black)..etc.....small designs of small flowers, or leaves,(a bit like Laura Ashley) or geometric designs.
    However, I love the bright bold designs you have above and they are great for every day casual and holiday wear etc.
    Sorry to be such a boring old lady...I may not be the area of the market you are targeting
    Well done on such great bags

  2. Hey, Ana. Keep up the good work. I love the designs that you have.