Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fingerless Gloves is here to stay...

Yay! It's Tuesday...and few weeks more it will be Thanksgiving. It's getting chilly out here in Nevada so I'm busy trying to finish all my orders for gloves, shrug and scarf... So busy I can not even re-open my Etsy shop.

Anyway...here's my latest creation for my friend. A warm and cozy fingerless gloves.

She lives up in the east coast so she said this gloves is really perfect for her... and I'm so glad she loves it. Below is a pix of my friend modelling her fingerless gloves.

A lot of my friends have been asking me what's the point of wearing fingerless gloves. So what's really the advantage of the fingerless gloves? I decided to search through the web to find some answers and found this perfect answer from WashingtonWahm.com :

"You have the advantage of a glove and also the ability to manipulate small objects together with your fingers and not have to remove your gloves. Whether you’re texting friends and family on the cell phone, digging change out of the dispenser with the market or rummaging through a toolbox trying to find the best size screws, it’s so less difficult to do these tasks when wearing a set of fingerless gloves.

It is easy to know the selling point of these gloves when you examine all these advantages. The sole disadvantage is that if it is, really cold outside. In that case, you can wear some mittens and also you still need not go without your fingerless gloves! With such utility, style and fashion, I’d personally expect these gloves to stay popular for many years."

There you have it...Fingerless gloves is not only fashionable but it's also very useful.


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