Thursday, August 27, 2015


Whew! I have not updated this blog for over a year now. But I'm back and hopefully I'll be posting a lot more for the rest of the year.

Anyway, I recently signed up at Net Galley and Novel Reviewers for a chance to read ARC books (Advance Readers Copy). And promise to post my reviews in Goodreads, Amazon and here in my blog, Anyway, here is my very first review for my very first ARC book:

Release date of this book is Sept. 1, 2015. Here is a direct link to Amazon if you want to pre-order it. is my review. SPOILER ALERT!! If you want to read the book please do not read the preceding paragraph.

Riley and Devyn  are best buddies in college and towards the end of their Senior year Devyn decided to lose her virginity. She decided that Riley is the best candidate to help her with her dilemma (how convenient).

Anyway, after they have sealed the deal. Devyn enjoyed it so much she end up telling Riley "I love you," Riley got scared and decided to cut all ties off with Devyn. But Riley did not know that Devyn end up pregnant and Devyn did not tell him.

Fast forward to 5 years, Riley can't seem to forget Devyn and so he decided to moved to Seattle and find Devyn, Riley's friend introduced him to Drew which happens to be Devyn's brother. So of course Riley and Devyn get reconnected again and he found out he got a 5 year old son named Nathan. Who looks exactly like him. But there's a little problem, Devyn have a serious relationship with a guy Jackson. But she broke it off with him when she realize she still loves Riley. Drew accepted Riley after giving him a warning not to hurt Devyn again. Devyn met Riley's parents. Riley bought a house and invited Devyn and Nathan to live with him. Riley proposed to Devyn and they all live happily ever after. hahahahaha!!!

Okay,  that sums up the whole story.

It's a nice story and cute but I gave it 3 stars because it's just too predictable.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back to review and post more ARC books and maybe even the projects I'm making lately. Have a blessed day.

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