Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back for another ARC review. Yay!!!

Got this ARC copy  from Novel Reviewers. Another awesome site for ARC books.

The author Jamie McLachlan is pretty new to me and I think Mind of the Phoenix is her debut novel (leave a comment and let me know if I'm wrong). And she does not disappoints. The official release of the book is on September 28, 2015. And I highly recommend this book, it's definitely a good read.


Okay, I was truly fascinated the moment I first read the first few paragraphs of this book. It was truly captivating. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is the fact that I really want a little more background story of Moira. I want to understand her more.  And also when this division between empaths and elites started. There's a lot of loop holes that I wish the author have explained further . But I guess it might be explained more in the sequel of the book or hopefully the author will write a prequel about Moira's beginnings.

Here's a little summary of the book

The story took place around early 1900s. Moira is an empath, physic, and a concubine. She killed her previous master which was also an empath so she can escape. But after 6 months of evading the authorities she was captured and placed at the underground dark cell in the Police Station. She was about to be persecuted. When the government or the Elite decided they need her help in finding out who is behind the mysterious killer known as Phoenix. Phoenix have this some sort of persuasion that triggers a person to kill themselves or triggers someone to kill a person when they hear the words in the letter. And he already killed 3 prominent Elites and the killings occur every 7th of the month.

Anyway, Moira was place in the hands of the Detective Keenan Edwards to solve the case. They hated each other at first and well...started to develop feelings for each other in the later part. There's a little side story of another murderer killing  two women which was proven by Moira (using her empath abilities) not to be connected with the Phoenix. The murderer turned out to be one of the policeman or Constable Bradford.

The end of the story is of course a cliff hanger. They found out one of the Elites blockers/empath was working for the  Phoenix with Moira's help. But they still can't find the Phoenix himself. In the epilogue, Mr Anderson (one of the Elite - which Moira also hates) is about to be killed by his son after the son read the persuasion letter from the Phoenix. And ends!!!

I can't wait to read the sequel. This might be another of my favorite series.

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