Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Enjoying Our Town

Sometimes we don't need to go far to enjoy our family time. Our town have tons of things to do and see. After all our town is one of the well visited place in the world and often we take it for granted. When we visited other places we wonder why people never appreciate the beautiful place around them. And yet we do the same in our town. 

Yes, sometimes it's nice to see Vegas in the eyes of the tourist. How they get excited to see the glitter of the lights and even seeing them smile when they see fake Elvis on the strip. 

Here are few of our favorite places that my family and I go to when we want to visit the LV strip:

The beautiful Bellagio Conservatory. They change this garden 4 to 6 times a year.

The Coke Factory. We love this place and we always to try the different Coke flavors of the world. If you have not been to Vegas this is one place you should not miss.

Of course the Las Vegas Strip itself and shopping!!! 

Vegas of course have an awesome night life and really good buffets.                     

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