Friday, February 12, 2010

Crochet, Knitting Projects & Favorite Superbowl Commercial

Yay! It's Friday and time to update my blog. It had been a busy week and Colts lost the Superbowl. Oh well...better luck next year.

Two commercials that I like were both from Doritos. The dog and the little boy both of these commercials made me and my hubby laughed so hard.


Finished three projects this week...

First one is the crochet beret similar to Rosalie Hale's (Nikki Reed) beret in the upcoming movie Eclipse. To all Twilight fans I think you remember this part from the book. This is the flashback scene of Rosalie's past life...and she was telling Bella how she became a vampire.

Here's the pic of the behind the scene and of course the beret I made...

It does not look exactly the same but I'm still working on the knitting felt version of this beret. I made the crochet version for spring/summer. The design and material is breathable so you can wear it during spring/summer. And it's available for sale at PBF Collection @ Etsy.


I had another order of a slouchy knitted beanie and I'm so glad I was able to finished it in a day.

Here's a pic of the beanie...

Since, this is obviously a fall/winter beanie so I'm not selling this at my Etsy store until this coming fall. But if you want to order it just email me.


And at last...I finished crocheting the mary jane slippers.

Here is the pic of the slippers...

This is still a prototype so it got some flaws on it. Since patterns are not perfect so I had to make my own corrections and finally figure out how to make it look better, I even came up with alternatives for the strap. LOL! But the next one I'll be making will be definitely for sale at PBF Collection .


My work in progress right now is the Lakers beanie for my hubby.

And here's a preview pic of the beanie...

My hubby is so excited to wear this. LOL! ^_^


And I've been digging through stacks of my knitting magazines in our garage for more patterns that I'll include for my spring/summer collection.

I always keep all of my knitting magazines...I have recently stop my subscription to Vogue Knitting and Knit 1 but the patterns they have in the magazine is just so beautiful.

Here's some of the spring/summer back issues that I have in my collection...

And I recently bought this fabulous book of knitted flowers...

Fabulous knitted flowers that are great for embellishment.

And oh...please don't forget to leave your comments for the giveaways here and here. February 28 is almost here so don't miss this chance.

So I'm set for another week of knitting and crocheting. And my next crochet class (Toddler Sweater ) is tomorrow. Yay!

Oh yeah...this Sunday is also Valentines day. Have a great Valentines and weekend everyone!!!

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