Friday, February 5, 2010

Purse Giveaway, Etsy Order and Projects

It's Friday again, I swear this week went by soooooo fast. I guessed it was because it was a busy week for me.

Here are the projects I finished this week...

First, I have to finished sewing this purse giveaway for Somewhat Simple December giveaway which I'm one of the sponsor. It was long over due but I'm so happy I finally finished it and mailed it to the winner. Here's what it looks like...

And of course this is available at PBF Collection @ Etsy .


Second, I had another order from Etsy for a Red Beanie that will match the Red Fingerless Gloves.

Here are the before and after pics I took. LOL!


It's me modelling the beanie that's why the photo is crappy. LOL!

But this beanie reminds me of the beanie/cap Kirsten Dunst was wearing in the movie "Elizabeth Town". It's similar but not exactly the same.


Third, spring is around the corner so it's time to start thinking about my spring/summer collection .

I've been borrowing books from the library, searching the web and going through my old knitting magazines to get ready for my spring/summer collection.

Of course, I still have to finished the mary jane slippers and this months giveaways one and two. If you have not leave a comment yet please click the highlighted link for a chance to win these giveaways. I'll be picking 2 winners this time.

Part of the PBF spring/summer collection will be this cute summer beanie. ^_^

So will be a busy week for me. And this Sunday is also Superbowl Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone. To all football fans out there... have a great Superbowl weekend...I can't wait to see the commercials!!! GO COLTS! LOL!

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